Rear kitchen extension

Tanking basement

Main sewer connectons

Move Manhole

Rear Loft conversion

Rear sun room extension corner Bi-Folds

Rear terrace cottage kitchen extension

Rear three story extension

Kitchen Conversion

For a long time my husband and I have wanted our kitchen transformed, but haven’t known what to do. We had had several people in who told us what we wanted would not work. Then we saw the advert in Boxmoor Direct for Tim Barton of Barton Corporation. Immediately he suggested an alternative that no-one else had thought of. And so he set to work. It was a huge transformation involving the loss of a major wall. Initially I was nervous, but it soon became apparent that Tim had everything in hand. Tim had good ideas, and though he always took our ideas on board, his were usually better.

He was there every day, arriving in time to have a conversation before I set off for work. He kept us up to date at all times. He and his helpers were a pleasure to have around. Most importantly, for Tim everything has to be perfect and he doesn’t give up. This as a customer is exactly what you need. The end result is exactly what we were after. The final bill was as expected with no hidden surprises. Thank you Tim and your team.
DK, Boxmoor.

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